The right to communicate has also within the World Wide Web turned out to be essential as well as highly important.  Because of the fact that in the Internet everybody has the possibility to both ‘consume’ and publish widely spread information, it has been found ‘OK’ that one’s right to communicate is accepted all around the virtual world. This procedure, however, provokes two different perceptions when it comes to positive as well as negative aspects in the context of a free communication within the World Wide Web. The main problem, concerning this matter, consists in wrong and faulty information. This means that incorrect information could be quickly spread within the World Wide Web, consequently picked up and published by reliable, confidential as well as trustful news and press agencies. Hence it turns out to be very difficult to remove already released wrong and faulty information from the World Wide Web.

Wikipedia for instance represents a very good example for a platform that provides detailed information of a broad variety of topics. Strictly speaking Wikipedia is a so-called ‘wiki’ that enables everybody to open up new articles or replenish already existing ones with new information. So everybody has the possibility to participate in the generation and maintenance of general content, texts and articles. Note: New information that wants to be published on Wikipedia has always going to be proofed by an editor or moderator.

When it comes to the announcement and publication of relevant information it is necessary that the respective information turn out be profound and serious on the one hand and are prepared in a reliable and trustful way on the other hand. Strictly speaking information of every description must be presented very professionally in order to appear trustworthily, believably and plausibly. In this context it proves to be important to mention that not only the content itself has to be serious, but also the general appearance of the whole website must seem respectably. Consequently the webdesign should fit the general theme and subject matter of the texts as well as articles. Hence it is essential to work with different colors, images, fonts and a general good structure in order to ensure a serious impression on the part of users.

It is also possible to work together with a so-called Online Agency, which means Onlineagentur in German. An Online Agency would strictly speaking be responsible for a reliable and professional presentation of articles, texts as well as content in general. As already mentioned before, it is important to present information authentically in every respect within the World Wide Web, in particular in the context of a website, in order to appear seriously when it comes to users and other persons. Strictly speaking professional texts and articles have to be clearly structured and divided into plausible paragraphs. Furthermore it is essential to work with so-called subtitles and to include relevant keywords.